The comprehensive range of natural and synthetic colours offered by Forrester Wood are widely used in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Colours can be used to enhance the visual appeal of a product or to replace original pigments where these may have been lost during processing.

It is generally recognised that the colouring of foodstuffs is of great economic importance to manufacturers, since products which are visually attractive will always sell better.

We offer a wide range of permitted natural food colours, the traditional water-soluble food colours and also a range of aluminium salts or lakes.

Forrester Wood colours conform to EC Directive 95/45/EC and FAO/WHO Food, Drug and Nutrition paper 52/1 and 2. We can also supply certified colours that meet US purity specifications.

The task of remaining up-to-date with latest government legislation can be particularly onerous, but Forrester Wood endeavour to offer advice regarding the colours permitted in specific overseas markets.
To download the range of natural colours offered by Forrester Wood please click here.

For a list of the liquid colours we offer please click here.

For a list of the concentrated powder colours we supply please click here.


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