Essential Oils

Essential Oils contain the volatile flavouring constituents that provide the natural product with its distinctive flavour.

They were given their name because at one point it was thought that they were essential to the life processes of the plant or that they were the essence of the plant itself.

The Forrester Wood range comprises oils obtained from plant material through various methods (e.g. distillation, cold expression and solvent extraction) and includes herb, spice, citrus and mint oils.

Fractional distillation or rectification is often used to enhance essential oils by the removal of terpenes and we offer a selection of high-grade terpeneless oils such as lime, lemon and orange. 

Peppermint oil is now recognised as one of the most popular flavourings in the world and we supply oils sourced from all of the main global producers, including US, Chinese, Brazilian and Indian.

Our range includes oils from the two main varieties of Peppermint, Mentha Arvensis and Mentha Piperita, which possess distinctly different and characteristic flavours.

Our oils derived from Mentha Arvensis provide a strong, fresh mint flavour with a high menthol content. By contrast, Mentha Piperita will provide a smooth, sweet aromatic flavour with a caramel/toffee top note.

For a list of the essential oils and oil flavourings available from Forrester Wood please click here.


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