Other Products

In addition to the flavourings, colours and essential oils outlined on previous pages, Forrester Wood also offer a range of miscellaneous products for use in the food and beverage industry.

These include acidulants, aroma chemicals, sweeteners, stabilisers, antioxidants, preservatives, solvents and cake improvers.

To download a PDF document outlining some of the additional products we offer please click here.

For the ice cream manufacturer, we also supply a range of unsweetened ice-lolly compounds and ripple syrups.

For a list of available flavours please click here.

Forrester Wood Colour and Flavour Compounds are richly coloured, true flavouring ingredients that produce the correct colour and flavour balance in the finished product.

For the baker, Chocolate Colour and Flavour Compound combines a rich chocolate flavour with a dark intense colour and is balanced for use in rolls, sponges, cup cakes, macaroons, éclairs, blancmanges, custard, icing etc

For a list of the Colour and Flavour Compounds offered by Forrester Wood, which are available for use in fine bakery wares and ice cream, please click here.


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